Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New 50 year program!!!!!!!!!!!!


New 50 Yr Program!

- Use co-borrower's income without using their credit! Sub 500 scores
acceptable (Full Doc only)
- 1 tradeline, 1 year reporting, $1,000 high credit gets you 100%
- No Cancelled Checks required on Lease/Purchases! Private VOR is OK!
And only
6 Month Seasoning on L/P!
- Collections up to $15,000. If over 1 yr old, then collection doesn't
have to
be paid no matter the size.
- Private VOR's down to 525 score
- Foreclosure <12 months to 85% with a 575 score. 80% with a 525
- Part-time income can be used with 1 year of history.
-- 100% CLTV with a 540 Score O/O. 95% CLTV with any score >=500 O/O

Questions? Call me!!! 404-579-5748

Thursday, November 02, 2006

100% Financing with 6% Seller Concessions

100% CLTV
6.0% Seller!
Includes Prepaids!
NIV, No Ratio, Stated/Stated
Scores as low as 620
Ask about the 10yr interest only!
Call me (404) 579-5748 or email me.

No Discharged Bankruptcy Seasoning Programs!!!

No Bankruptcy Seasoning? No Problem! I am pleased to announce that the seasoning of a discharged bankruptcy has been eliminated. A bankruptcy discharged over one (1) day may be ignored.

No Bankruptcy Seasoning Applies to:
  • All Credit Grades
  • All Document Types
  • All Occupancy Types
  • Purchases/Refinances

We also do 85% max on BK Chapter 13 buyouts!

Other Programs:

  • OWNER OCCUPIED 100% 1 dayout of BK 95%
  • full doc at 560 score
  • 90% stated at a 580 score
  • 90% full doc at540 score
  • 85% full doc or stated at 520 score
  • 80% full doc or stated at 500score
  • N/O/O full doc 90% (95% case by case) to a 600 score with I/Oalso available
  • 90% STATED Self Employed NOO with a 640
  • 80% STATED W2 NOO witha 640

Note: NO TRADELINE REQ for 100% with 2 scores!


I am a mortgage broker with AIMS Financial in Atlanta, GA. I started my real estate career working in the nonprofit world as a Certified Housing Counselor in the DC area. I specialize in working with first-time home buyers and investors. I am serious about motivating and educating my clients on issues relating to building wealth, financial independence and real estate as investment alternatives. I strongly believe that educating clients is the best way to guarantee excellent service.

Stay tuned for regular updates featuring up to date mortgage program and interest rate information.

Questions? Feel free to call me directly at (404) 579-5748 or you can email me at ahall@aimshome.com